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To God we belong and to Him we return

Recent escalation of violence in Palestine has led to airstrikes that have injured thousands and killed more than 200 people including 58 children with no end in sight. The continuous unrest over the past many years as well as very recently has left the infrastructure seriously shattered and in need of urgent repair.

The suffering continues for the people of Palestine as hunger, poverty, conflict, and a global pandemic continue to add significant strain on an already ailing economy. The population continues to face significant humanitarian and protection challenges that include a continuing need to support more than two million Palestinians.

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The coronavirus pandemic has only compounded the dire economic problems with more than 2 million Palestinians under blockade since 2007, leaving eighty percent of the population dependent on some form of humanitarian aid. Your donations can provide Palestine with the help it needs.


What's happened so far

Since 2015, our Gaza team has delivered emergency aid ranging from food and water to winter fuel and clothing, plus medical camps and orphan support,

$600k Medical aid
$180K Water plant
18,850 Emergency food pack

A noticeable change

Your Zakat / Sadaqa / Fidya / Fitra donations can go a long way in providing Gazans and Palestinians with renewed hope for a better day and night.

$ 50
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