What is COVID 19?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat, and shortness of breath. The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene, self-isolation, using protective gear and relevant diet can prevent infection. The increasing spread of COVID-19 has dominated global attention. Governments and media are focusing attention on the domestic impacts of the virus and the medical and political responses. With over 126 million people in need of humanitarian assistance globally, including 70 million forcibly displaced. The confirmed number of COVID-19 cases in displaced communities is small; however, this is more likely a result of a lack of testing and awareness than the absence of the virus. Known cases are being documented in multiple countries with existing humanitarian emergencies.

Islamic Help Australia is launching an emergency appeal to fight the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 here in Australia and vulnerable communities globally. Islamic Help will be supporting vulnerable communities in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Island, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Pakistan as well as distributing family hygiene kits and food parcels that are customised to protect against COVID-19.

For Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Island and Tanzania, we will be working with local partners who will be able to arrange the procurement and logistics for the delivery of the kits and food parcels to vulnerable families in these areas. For Australia, we may formalise the delivery ourselves. We will agree on a buying price from the local supplier for the goods purchased and an additional cost of delivery. We will make the payment once the parcels have been delivered to the beneficiaries.

For Pakistan and Bangladesh, we will work with IH-UK and transfer funds to them so the items can be delivered to vulnerable families in these countries. IH-UK has an extensive network in these 2 countries, and they would be able to comfortably complete this task. Once done, IH-UK will send reports, photos, and any supporting material to IH-AUS so this can be used for reporting to our donors via website and social media.

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Other Ways to donate:

Cheque – Please make payable to Islamic Help Australia and post to: 220 Waterloo Road, Greenacre, Sydney 2190

Credit and Debit card by calling the office on 02-9750 0596, 0403 440 993 or 0420 828 683

Cash – You can drop this at Islamic Help Australia, 220 Waterloo Road, Greenacre, Sydney 2190