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Food security

During Ramadan, we provide food security to tens of thousands of needy families around the world. Already struggling to make ends meet, their needs are amplified during this blessed month, when they may be without even the most essential foods for suhoor and iftar. With your help, the poorest and most needy people will benefit from the blessings of this holy month by receiving enough nutrition.

The month of blessings

Ramadan is a blessed month full of divine joy and blessings. It is also a critical month in which we must go beyond and beyond to assist those in greatest need. With so many people suffering from malnourishment or starvation on a daily basis, it is our simple humanitarian obligation to help by providing food, particularly during this special month when the benefits of giving are amplified. Providing food for those in need should be seen as a blessing.

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Essential needs

Each Ramadan food pack contains a variety of basic staple products (contents may vary slightly by country) and is intended to fulfil a family's nutritional needs for the entire month. Our workers all over the world make deliveries to the most needy people who deal with food security on a regular basis. They include the poor, the aged and disabled, orphan families, those affected by war, and refugees forced to flee their homes.


What's happened so far

In Ramadan 2020, we distributed family food packs in 11 countries, providing food security during the month for over 138,000 beneficiaries.

138k People helped
11 Countries
5k Volunteers this year

Please Note

Disclaimer: By donating, you give us permission to use your donations as necessary to deliver this project. This may mean using funds donated for one item to buy another item, or in the country or area of most need rather than the one you might have selected. We will only do this if it is in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

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