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A crisis unfolding

The Rohingya are one of the world's most marginalised ethnic groups. These poor people have been forced to leave their homes, leaving behind the lives they once knew in order to face a life on the streets, trying to find a safe place to survive. Our appeal was created to insure that critical assistance reaches the Rohingya; donations will really make a difference for those who have lost everything.

How to help the Rohingya

As a charity working specifically to assist the Rohingya, we provide food, clean water, shelter and lodging, medications, health supplies, and hygiene and sanitation. This enables us to assist those in the greatest need as much as possible, knowing what these needy individuals require to live and doing everything in our power to deliver it. Even a modest contribution will help these needy people in need.

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The power of your donation

Islamic Relief has now distributed over $1.8 million in humanitarian assistance to assist and protect the Rohingya. However, with your continuing assistance, we will be able to continue reaching out to as many displaced Rohingya refugees as possible. These families, infants, and orphans are in dire need of our help; please contribute to our crucial work and allow us to send aid to the Rohingya as soon as possible.


What's happened so far.

Islamic Help has already distributed more than $2m of emergency aid to help and support the Rohingya.

$2m+ Emergency aid distributed
$80 Can make all the difference
1,4m+ Rohingya refugee population

$ 50
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